Here To Help: UFOs and the Space Brothers

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Here To Help: UFOs and the Space Brothers
We present part 2 in our series on ‘UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission’. Our first article is sourced from the April 2011 edition of Share International magazine. It’s entitled The Friendship Case: Space Brothers teach lessons of brotherhood written by Gerard Aartsen.

Around the same time that George Adamski was openly establishing, on the advice of his space contacts, the international Get Acquainted Program (GAP) to foster greater understanding and friendship between people worldwide who were interested in the UFO phenomenon, the Space Brothers themselves were setting up similar efforts, albeit less publicly, in many countries around the world. A large-scale and inspiring example of this has recently come to light in Italy where a considerable number of Space People, who were living and working in underground bases, had regular contact with dozens, if not hundreds of Italians.

According to the recent documentary Il Caso Amicizia (‘The Friendship Case’), similar projects were going on in other European countries and in Siberia, South America and Australia at the same time.

Dutch writer and teacher Gerard Aartsen demonstrates in his recently published book “Here to Help: UFOs and the Space Brothers” that the key to understanding extraterrestrial contacts on Earth goes beyond merely the disclosure of data about their sightings and concentrates instead on the disclosure of their mission.

Despite the fact that “no number of sightings seems sufficient to counter the general disbelief in the reality of the space people that was generated by the disinformation campaign initiated by governments in the 1950s”, Aartsen argues in an engaging tone that extraterrestrial discussion is no longer focused on whether aliens exist or not, or under what circumstances they have been sighted. Rather, the discussion is now moving on to the true significance and meaning of these visitations.

As Aartsen himself made abundantly clear in his first book about this subject, George Adamski: A Herald for the Space Brothers, the masses of information available on extraterrestrial contacts reveals to us the inescapable fact of their presence. But we will never comprehend the scope of their mission and purpose, nor fully engage co-operatively with the Space Brothers, if we persist in acting as if we were the only inhabitants of our solar system or if we allow fear and conspiracy theories to condition our response to extraterrestrial visitors.


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